Revision & Privacy Policy

Get all information concerning our refund policy below:

At Nobleassignmenthelp we strive for perfection on all aspects of our amenities based on the diverse factors, the organisation may rarely make small mistakes that deviate from your expiration sometimes. We are happy to reimburse our customers by offering money back. When they were completely disappointed with our services for such a penalty.

Before requesting a refund, we ask that our customers thoroughly go through the following;

When a customer is unhappy with our service despite acquiring several modifications from us, then the customer has the authority to take action through our customer service representatives. Upon that, it’s indeed our responsibility to allocate your purchase order to a competent professional thereby to finish it.

In the following situations, you will receive the full refund:

  • When your credit limit is erroneously charged fees the nobleassignmenthelp is obligated to refund the mistakenly incurred amount immediately.
  • If we were over 24 hours late with the final date of submission
  • When a plagiarism ratio is high on the submission deadline
  • It would be considered a violation of agreement when you do not notify us before discussing with a private entity.

An additional factor to consider

When you require a complete refund, you should submit the request around seven days after getting your commodity. The quality control crew has the entire power in taking final determination on reimbursement based across entire documentation.